Absolute newbie

God, I hate being a newbie on a forum. Anyway. I use works to edit my html. And I use Windows98 “Web publishing wizard” to publish. Few questions:
Through trial and error I uploaded my files to all of the wrong folders before I finally got them where they need to be. How do I move/delete files I have uploaded?
Hyperlinks are getting messed up somewhere on the way to the web. Some of my "/"s are turning into ""s. It’s very inconsistent though. I can change them all and re send it but still some will be wrong. Different ones each time. Do I just need to actually get an FTP program and how should
I go about that. As you can see, I’m pretty lost. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

So if I understand correctly, you want to delete some files on the FTP? If so, GlobalSCAPE has a really nice FTP program. They have a free trail. If you do not want to do that, there is another way. Im doing this on windows XP so I’m not sure how to do it on other OS. Anyway…

Go to "My Network Places"
Then Click on Add a Network Place
Go through the wizard and you should be set.

Hope that helps


He says he’s using Win98, but that’s just the software rather than the OS…
If you want a decent FTP program, I use www.smartftp.com.

As for your problems, I think it’s converting your \ and / because windows used \ for it’s directories and unix can use both (I think).
Try having a look in the options for something like “Turn Unix directories into Windows” or something similar (if it’s even there?!). Other than that, you could try a different HTML program.
Wordpad? :stuck_out_tongue: or maybe 1st page 2000 from www.evrsoft.com. Or if you are comfortable with HTML, just get a standard editing package called www.crimsoneditor.com

Programs from Microsoft that purport to help people develop Web sites can’t be trusted as far as you can throw them. They tend to insert a whole lot of completely nonstandard stuff. Then, they make their own browser tolerate all sorts of bogus crap which fails on some other browsers (Mozilla, Firefox, etc.), and then everybody feels they have to use all Microsoft stuff to be “compatible”… that’s how they try to stay a monopoly.

– Dan

That wasn’t a very objective post, or even on-topic…

Try out DreamHost with a free WebIDPrices, options

Well, the truth hurts - lol! :::ducking and running away:::

1st page is pretty good software if you don’t want to learn HTML (or if you’re in a hurry), but I recommend learning just the basics at least. Another great, free FTP program is Core FTP Lite (http://www.coreftp.com). Easier all around to manage files and directories with a decent FTP program.


Another good option would be NVU (a free/open-source WYSIWYG HTML editor, FTP functionality included).


Just something to watch out for, I actually had some issues with NVU, they may be fixed in the latest versions, but it did have a habit of stripping off tags that were valid, which caused serious problems for a complex page.
I think it has potential though, and I am almost ready to give it another shot.

Yeah, that was fixed in the v0.8.1 emergency release.