Absolute beginner rock-bottom basic getting-started questions

Just signed up, still in the tryout period, and I don’t know where anything goes.

Created the initial cpanel login. Is that also a Unix shell login? I can’t ssh to it successfully on the server I was assigned to (let’s refer to it as a-b.dreamhost.com).

I plan to move one domain here as a trial. From the control panel (Manage Domains) I created one new domain in the name of the one I will move – let’s call it example.com. Created an ssh user for that domain and can log in via ssh to a-b.dreamhost.com. Successfully FTP’ed example.com.tgz there.

In what directory do I put the files for example.com so that they will be Web-accessible once I get the DNS re-pointed & propagated? Do I create a directory named example.com in the home directory? Or what?

Also: I went through a few contortions from the shell login to learn the IP address of the assigned server. Is there a way to learn that from the cpanel?

no your panel login is not a shell login.

the directory example.com is created for you. go to ‘manage domains’ in the panel, check the ‘web hosting’ column, and see what ‘user’ is assigned, it should also say ‘fully hosted’ there. Log in to the user listed there and you should find the directory named example.com.

On shared hosting the question is WHICH IP you are looking for. a-b.dreamhost.com will not be the same IP that your sites are served from. Additionally if you have multiple sites on the same server they may or may not be served from the same IP.

As far as how to lookup ip’s, there are many ways. If dns has propagated the simple solution is nslookup. If your trying to find an IP before DNS has propagated then you could click ‘DNS’ under the domain name on the manage domains page and look at the generated or non-editable entries, the IP your looking for will probably be the first one listed there.

If your trying to find it because you want to view the site before DNS propagation tho, that won’t work. Read this: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/DNS_-Viewing_site_before_DNS_change and this http://wiki.dreamhost.com/DNS-_Accessing_your_Database_before_DNS_change instead.

Hi peeps.

I am in need of some desperate help.

Basically I signed up to Dreamhost because I wanted to get onto wordpress so that I could use one of their plugins on my new website.

I am pretty hopeless at stuff like this.

When I try to download wordpress via the one click install, it says that its already been downloaded.

Any help any of you could give would be superb.

Just basic steps would be magic!

Id really appreciate it.

I answered this question in your other post here :slight_smile: