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I am completely new in Unix Shell. I have installed a script on my web site, and it says that I have to install FFMPEG on my web server. I have download the FFMPEG from http://ffmpeg.mplayerhq.hu
But I really don’t how the heck work… How to install things using unix shell? Can anyone explain step by step… What I have to do now?

This script wouldn’t happen to be the YouTube clone, would it?
If that isn’t the case, DreamHost already provides FFMPEG on their servers by default. It’s located at /usr/bin/ffmpeg :slight_smile:

If you are indeed trying to use the YouTube clone script, I strongly advise against it. Besides the fact it’s quite broken, using such a script on a shared host such as DreamHost would probably get you booted off pretty fast due to the huge amounts of processing power and memory such a script requires to convert videos using ffmpeg.

Thanks for replying.

Yes, I want to use a script like youtube clone, because I want to create a site to share videos. Do you mean that it’s not a good idea to do that?

I really want to use that script, and I would like to know, how I can use it.
/usr/bin/ffmpeg , what do I have to replace in this?
usr=my username?

You don’t have to replace anything, it’s literally in that location. But for the YouTube clone script to actually work, you need several other programs, which unfortunately requires compiling your own version of ffmpeg.

And yes, I mean it’s not a good idea to run such a script on your DreamHost account. I’m almost positive you’ll experience tons of issues (mostly with ProcWatch killing ffmpeg) which may possibly lead to DH Staff asking you to disable the script entirely.

Of course, I can’t say that with certainty and you’re more than welcome to try, but I personally won’t help you any further. Nor can I honestly, as I’ve tried getting the script to work before myself to no avail, as someone before said it was “broken” and and the author claimed it wasn’t.

I will tell you however, that installing the programs needed requires some decent knowledge of working in a *nix shell prompt, as the installation of a couple of those programs isn’t exactly easy I’m afraid. But if you get it working somehow, I would be very interested to hear about your experience! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. As you said that I will maybe encount too many problem, I will quit it. Thanks for your opinions. It’s helpfull…

But I would like to have something like youtube, do you think that I can use http://www.wimpyplayer.com/
To embed the file?


I highly recommend it in fact. I have it installed currently on my forums and it works quite well for the few of us who have access to use it :slight_smile:

Thanks for being supporting me all over my questions. :wink:

Or just use http://media.dreamhost.com

Wicked, quick, simple and free!

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I think you are correct on that. IIRC, one poster here was told flat-out by DH that the installed version of ffmpeg was not for us by customers from within their shell space.

I found it was there using which - but I’m sure DH has it set up in such a way that you can’t run it effectively, as it would likely bring most servers to their knees. :wink:


Great one, but I would like to have something that can display all my uploaded videos. Interface like Youtube, people can watch video, and post comment. CMS? Blog?

Any idea?

Managing video types and having different streaming support for every one of them is a total PITA. So, do what youtube did and convert all files on upload to a common format - flv.

If you have some wma, mp4, mpg then you’re looking at some serious headaches as they can’t be streamed reliably.

Just trying to help you avoid the “Just how many clients and streaming formats do I have to support?”

One poor guy here at DH was actually storing movies in BLOBs in the database and trying to figure out how to stream them. (I didn’t say his name on purpose)

Good luck!

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