About Moved Accounts!

Hello. I have an account in dreamhost 8 years ago, and had never had serious problems. But today, alll my sites it´s down because the account was moved to another server. Great!
But WTF… These changes can not be made on business days!!! We all know that the ideal is to do it a weekend!!!
To consider, DREAMHOST

And some people would say my site can’t be down on weekends because that’s when it’s busiest. Some will say no not nighttime hours either because it’s a worldwide audience. etc etc etc etc…

That said, every time Dreamhost has ever moved my account (it’s happened probably 5 or 6 times in 8 years) there has been no downtime. Under normal conditions the new server receives copies of the files, then DNS changes are made and for a short period of time the site can be served from either old or new server as DNS propagation occurs.

Hey @tribalex, sorry you had issues with your sites: that should not have happened. @lakerat’s is describing correctly what DreamHost does when sites/domains are moved across servers. If your sites are down, that should be investigated and solved as soon as possible. If you haven’t done it already, could you please open a support ticket on https://dreamhost.com/support?

thank you