About Movable Type

A year ago I was going to start running moveable type and I wrote DH to see if there’d be a problem. I was told that there was a problem with MT rebuilding databases and causing the server to kill the script. The Email I got was the following.

"…apparently Movable Type periodically rebuilds your site from a database. When your site gets big, this rebuild process can get really, really heavy. We have automated systems in place to keep users’ runaway scripts (like if somebody accidentally put an infinite loop in a script s/he was writing) from sucking up too many resources (because you are, after all, sharing a server with lots of other people).
If the MT rebuild process gets to resource-intensive it can get killed. Apparently, there are a fair number of hosts that have banned MT outright. Since we just kill any processes that get out of line, we don’t ban it (since it doesn’t always happen). "

Does anyone know if this is still the case? I have PMachine running now, but I’m thinking of switching to MT in the future.


We have MT running on a few different Dreamhost hosted domains and haven’t had any real issues.

I think that an MT-based site would have to get rather large before the rebuild process became overly cumbersome. I think the fact that MT can now use a MySQL db as opposed to the old flat files used by previous versions makes it a bit less taxing.


I used to get this problem frequently when rebuilding my site with MT, perhaps once out of every 3 or 4 rebuilds. If I just tried to rebuild immediately after the failure, the rebuild would then usually complete successfully. Annoying, but not a showstopper. The good news is that I haven’t seen this problem for quite a few months.