About Monthly Transfer Rate


I am looking to change the host for my current site. I have visted several hosts to compare what they offer.

My question is: how can I determine what the current monthly transfer rate is on my site - do I need to contact the host for this info - or is there a way I can figure it out myself?

Right now my site is being hosted for free - so I’ve never needed to know this information before. But the host doesn’t offer much, so it’s finally time to move on.

I don’t want to sign up (for say the lowest plan) only to find myself with horrendous overage charges.

Thanx for your answers!


I’d say that if your site will function at all on freebie hosting, you’ll get more than enough with DH. And if you have problems here, you’ll probably have problems at any shared host.

As far as stats go, I guess that would depend on the host.

If they give you access to a control panel, there should probably be a stats section in there somewhere.

You could try going to yourdomain/stats and see if that shows anything, or if you get prompted for a user name & password.

If you mean someone was hosting you on their account for free, then you would need to ask them what your stats are.

If it’s a freebie host, it wouldn’t hurt to ask them.

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First off, let me assure you that it is extremely unlikely that you will exceed DreamHost’s generous monthly bandwidth quotas unless you are hosting some kind of massive download site.

If your current host doesn’t record this for you, you could always install a stats package like AWStats that will provide these statistics for you.

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If you need to keep track of usage the panel updates what you have used every day.

If you are on a free host just now then you should be able to find out what the monthly limit is and compare that with what dreamhost offer.

What do you intend to offer on the site if it is mainly html or picture files then it will definitely not be a problem. even video or music would be fine unless you had thousands of visitors.

If you sign up for the lowest plan you can always upgrade it if you want.

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I’m sorry - I should have been clearer. I’m not using a freebie host, we are a public jazz radio station, and the service that provides our streaming also provides a free dedicated server to host us - but it has minimal (make that no) software (except Perl that was finally installed!) and we aren’t able to install anything.

Since we’re looking for a new streaming service, we’re going to need a new host for our site as well - at this time we are unable to host ourselves - which would be preferable.


If you can get a download of the server logs, you’ll be able to determine bandwidth usage from that. After all, that’s what AWStats does - it’s a sophisticated real time log analyzer.

Can you get downloads of your web server logs? What web server are you running on?

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If you can still use that free dedicated server, you can consider continue to put the streaming files on that server.

In Dreamhost, with the freedom of using shell, you can install most of usual software you need.

So you can put your interface and functionality in DreamHost and the streaming files in your old server.

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No, the issue is we’re looking for a new service to provide our streaming needs (we’ve outgrown the current provider) which means, unless we can find someone (like our current provider) to stream & host us - though, we’re thinking that’s not likely.

Consequently I’m looking for an alternative host to meet our needs.

By the way, I ended up contacting the company (yesterday) we’re using and just asked the question - no response as of yet.


Failing getting logs, you could use a third-party tracking tool like Google Analytics to get some rough statistics for your site. You’ll have to do some work to calculate bandwidth from the page hits.

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Thanks for all the help/suggestions, I think what I’m going to do is move my site to DH, to ‘see what happens’ (I can monitor my stats, too) while I still have my contract with our current provider - just in case things don’t work out & I need to move it back.

Thanks again…


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Is this only used up $90 of the discount and have $7 left? I don’t understand how it will use the full amount…

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