About installing Imagick and using SSH

Hi, i’m trying to use the plugin WEBP express in Wordpress. It needs the Imagemagick module for working. I readed that ImageMagick is already preinstalled on DreamHost servers. And that i can access it via SSH in the following directory:

But if i enter via SSH in a domain account, i can’t see any /usr/bin/ path for example, i can see only a Maildir, log and the name of the domain folder.

Don’t know if i’m looking for in the correct place and what do i have to do to make Imagemagick work in the domains.

Isn’t there a newbie tutorial? I’m totally lost cause when i enter via SSH in any domain, i don’t see any USR or BIN folder.

The ImageMagick extension is already enabled by default on all versions of PHP at DreamHost. Any plugin requiring it should simply work out of the box unless it requires that you set a manual path to the convert binary in some manner.

/usr/bin/convert is the path to the binary (convert program).

/usr/bin is located outside of your user directory.


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