About free space and quotas

Hello everyone,

I want to register another domain in my account and create a new website that provides free space for new bloggers.

The users that get their space, would have only access to their wordpress install panel, and I want them to have just 50 mb. for space.

How can I set up a limit of size for a specific directory through FTP? I would also like to determine a certain limit to the MySQL database that the user uses for wordpress. Can I also do that?

Thank you!


You cannot set a limit for a specific directory. You can only set a quota for a specific unix user (under “Manage Users” in the control panel).

One domain rarely has more than one unix user attached to it (certainly not in the default install), and it would be a foo to set that up shoul you choose to do so and succeed (and even then, I am not aware of a way to set up mySQL quotas like that).

If you set up a subdomain and unix user for every such blog, that would work for the diskspace part; note though that most plans have only a limited amount of allowed users (75 for the lowest plan, for instance).