About Dreamhost Google Apps

Hello everybody,

I need some help with Google Apps in Dreamhost. I don’t know if this is the correct thread to post. If not, please excuse me.
The situation is as follows: I’m a web designer and was contacted to make a new website for a small company.
The company has its own internet domain, site and webmail, but shares the hosting with a different company. The person responsible for this other company hosting, was the one who set up the domain and the emails to the small company. From what I see, the emails in Dreamhost are hosted by Google Apps, correct? The first company now wants to maintain its own server, which can be hosted with Dreamhost too and my question is how to keep the emails that are already in use, for example, support@company.com.
Do not know if I could properly explain what I want, but would welcome any help.

Thanks in advance.

Dreamhost offers G-mail and fully hosted mail. In the panel sidebar menu, select Main Menu->Manage Domains. Select the domain you want and choose edit under web hosting. You can check and uncheck all sorts of options, including the e-mail hosting type. If, however you wish to just go to the domain control panel and select the blue button that reads “fully hosted with dreamhost” (more or less) you will point everything to Dreamhost’s servers.

If you are looking to point them at a server rack at a corporate IT department, or something you need to write custom MX settings, which are here.

I understand, but when I change the servers, for a Dreamhost or not, the mailboxes, I mean, the mailboxes contents will be preserved somehow?
Because they are already using this combined service for sometime and don’t want to lose all that info. It is possible to separate these two companies and keep those mailboxes, since they are using Google Apps?