About DH Speed


im ± about DH spd…
all sites i visit hosted in DH is veryyy slowwww at the “good time”

worried because i want to host flash movies for thousand people… max 10.000 people (its not a high traffic 10 thousand for good shared servers) with 1Mb average file size… and 5 average movies views for each person…

what have you to say?


DreamHost did have some speed issues recently, with many reporting their sites were slow. The issue was traced to an internal DreamHost router that wasn’t performing up to specs. I believe this has now been rectified.

Check out the sites at the link below for examples of how DreamHost hosted sites currently perform.


Is that 10,000 visitors per day, or per month?

If those are daily figures, then you are really going to be pushing the limits of any shared hosting and you would be best advised to obtain a dedicated server for your site.

Of-course, this does cost more, but a site with that much traffic should be able to cover the costs easily.


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yeah… my friend downloading files from my site and the speed is average between 100-200kB (he using 6.5mbps line)

since I only using dial up
so I don’t know the real speed…
100-200kB is definitely fast for Dial up user
but for 6.5Mbps user… it slow…