About dedicated server

Does promote code work for hosting plan of dedicated server? If yes, what’s the discount for the first year? Thank you.

If you are referring to the dedicated hosting that DreamHost offers in partnership with hosting.com, then unfortunately normal user created promo-codes are not applicable, as the hosting is not actually provided by DreamHost. However, there is a special DreamHost provided promo-code that offers one free month with any of the hosting.com services.

If you are referring to the Strictly Business Enhanced, then it is possible that promo-codes are still valid, but it would be best to ask when ringing DreamHost sales to purchase.


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Like Mark said, and he is really an helpful person, there is a promo code that gives you 1 month free for hosting with Hosting.com . It’s DH1MONFREE (we don’t get any money from it).

I don’t know how is the service from Hosting.com, so you may search for reviews at WebHostingTalk.com … but keep in mind that there are always those who bash, and those who praise… just check the right reviews :slight_smile:

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Dedicated servers were an issue for a while when space in the server room was tight. Definitely talk to DH staff before becoming frustrated.