About Closing Account

My account is currently disabled!

It’s why hosting Warez Site.

But, This Site hosting like 8 months.
And I have no Warning about closing reason for it.

That site does’nt problem for me.

But my other websites are down. With their DBs.
Thats Really Huge Problem For me.

I send many support ticket to DreamHost. But No Answer.
I Want to know Can i Have my DBs?
And, my friend in Dreamhost tring to host one of a my site.
But DreamHost Give an Error “Already Exitst.”

Please Help Us.
Thanks Lot.

You can host a domain only on one DH account.

They didn’t warn you maybe because they received legal complaint ?

In this case you will receive legal response :-/

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Your Think?
Can i have my DBs?

If you had your account terminated for hosting warez, your pleas are probably going to fall on deaf ears. The moral of this story:

  1. Backup everything locally at regular intervals (this can be easily automated).
  2. Don’t have anything to do with warez.

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I just wonder, how actually do DH suspend someone ? By disabling web panel/accounts/mysql db & accounts/domains ? All of them ?

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I decided to write a haiku in for the situation:

break copyright law
dreamhost will cancel account
files lost forever

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[quote]break copyright law
dreamhost will cancel account
files lost forever[/quote]
For all of the domains hosted ?

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Uh, this was really mostly meant to be funny, as most technical haiku.

But I think it’s everyone’s expectation that if your account is closed for blatant copyright violations, you will not be given access to any of your files. We’ve never heard any good news from anyone, so if they have been given access, they’ve been put under non-disclosure of some kind. Meaning that there are no assurances of getting any of your files back if you are guilty of copyright violation and DreamHost is served with a takedown notice.

I know this latter paragraph is just a rehash of stuff that’s already been said in this thread and other threads, but I was asked…

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“Files forever lost” would be better, since DH offers “Files Forever”.

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I thought about that but didn’t want the haiku associated with the files forever service. :slight_smile:


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That’s only because Google is illiterate.

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It keeps it simple, since the whole account is in one person’s name and that the account owner is responsible for the content.

Otherwise, we could all pick up a throw-away domain for hosting illegal stuff and not worry about getting the account closed.

Same goes for the “my friend did it” scenario. We could just do anything and blame it on someone else.

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Next time make your friends buy their own hosting. If they can’t afford $22.40 for their first year, they aren’t going to pay you anything.

Unfortunately for you, you’ll have to find hosting elsewhere. DH generally blacklists for this kind of violation.

Good luck!

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I host all my customers websites under 1 account and since I use Joomla they can update their content themselves. May be I should create 1 account for each domain then. :frowning:

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The customers are outsourcing everything to me. I thought DH only allow 1 account per customer. That’s why I host all of the domains under 1 account. And of course they are more manageable with that.

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A lot of people host others on their accounts–you just have to use some common sense.

If you’re designing and hosting sites for local businesses, as an example, they probably won’t be uploading kiddie porn and warez to their business sites.

If you just host anyone that wants to pay, or friends that you can picture doing something stupid, then that could lead to trouble.

In any case, always keep your own up-to-date backups. If you do that, a single “customer” or “friend” won’t be able to put you in a bind.

It’s not like everyone with more than one site is getting booted from DH. It’s a tiny handful and just about all of them knew they were doing something wrong.

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Thanks… that is the thing I’ll do from now on. :slight_smile:

I just worried about their content. But actually most of my clients are business companies and will not try to violate any law especially digital copyrights.

Thanks Seiler !

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There shouldn’t be any reason to “worry about their content” if you carefully select those you host in this manner, and reach a clear understanding of DreamHost’s TOS, Anit-spam policy, and basic copyright compliance and responsibility before letting them access the site.

With most companies and small business people, you still have to be very careful.

While they are not at all likely to cause you problems with “warez” or “kiddie porn”, they can often misunderstand, or choose to ignore, copyright law and publish unauthorized reprints of newspaper or magazine articles (especially those related to their company or their products), and this can be just as serious a problem! If/When they do this, you are very likely to have a problem, as major news and magazine publishers routinely search the web for “unauthorized reprints”. The same problem, and risk, applies to photographs. :wink:

Additionally, many legitimate “small business” people don’t have the appropriate understanding, or knowledge, of DrfeamHost’s Anti-Spam policies. Particularly when running Joomla! sites, you need to address this as the default Joomla! installation has a “mass mail” feature that is not compliant with DreamHost’s policies. A user could very easily cause trouble for you in this way.

Finally, along those same lines, these small business people may elect to use another “off-DreamHost” emailing service (or “email blast marketeer”) to promote their site and/or products without you even knowing about it. This too will get you in trouble with DreamHost.

All that said, I still host many such sites under my DreamHost account - but I monitor very them very closely and include in their initial training (and as part of my contract) , a thorough discussion of the copyright and email/spam considerations so they know about these things. :wink:


Hm, although I also monitor the site. But we are not sure whether some of the content already filtered by us is indeed illegal.

I think it is very “cruel” to terminate an account without being notice or given time. Although I never get terminated in numerous web hosting services I already had, but I do get aware after several posts about account terminations. :frowning:

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It is your responsibility to make sure any content you post, or allow to be posted, to a site under your DreamHost account is legal. If you “are not sure whether some of the content, … is indeed illegal”, it is extremely foolish to allow it to be posted. The best rule is very simple:

If you did not create it, or cannot prove that you have the legal right to publish it on your website, don’t do it!

While that is not completely safe (you could create content that is an illegal derivative work, for example), it’s a reasonable position to start from. You should always obtain legal advice before posting anything you are not sure of, unless you are willing to face the consequences should the content be determined to be improperly copied/used/published.

Sure, the web makes it easy for anybody to be a “publisher”, but that “ease of production” doesn’t relieve them of the responsibility of complying with intellectual property laws.

I don’t see it as being “cruel” at all - it is “unpleasant”, but it is often a necessary step for a web host to take to protect their own business interests.

If everybody got a “warning”, there would be no reason for them not to take the attitude, “Hell, if they catch me, I’ll just apologize and promise not to do it again, meh!”. This could easily result in DreamHost staff spending all its time chasing down these violations.

With the possible exception of the whole "non-publicly accessible " backups discussed elsewhere in these forums, I think the TOS, and the Abuse Center statements are very clear. Those who post/publish questionable content should be well aware that “account termination” is a possibility if they have read the TOS at all. If they could not be bothered read it, and honestly don’t know the risk of account termination for such things, their account should be terminated also, as they have proven they are not responsible enough to be trusted with an account on someone else’s server.

Hey, I can empathize with the person who gets his/her account terminated, but I can’t really feel sympathy for them; any way you look at it, at the end of the day, they did it to themselves. Yes, even if their “friend”, client, Dad, Son, Cat, or pet turtle actually did it, it was their account and they are responsible for how it is used.