About affiliate system


i have a question about it…
If i put a link to dremhost with that “####” in my adress and the person who clicked go out the site trough my link and come again with the original link… and he sign up… i will get money for it… since he dont use promo ccode?

and about promo code…
if i give full discount for person i will get nothing?
since im paid only if the person who sign up refer to other people and these people sign up and i get 5dollars?



Hi :slight_smile:

Yes. Anyone clicking through to DreamHost using your affiliate link will have their IP address recorded and a cookie will be stored on their system. If they subsequently sign-up you will receive the referral reward.

However, if they decide to use someone elses promo-code during the sign-up process, or click through someone elses referral link, you will not receive the referral reward.

Correct. if you decide to offer the full referral reward as a discount using your promo-code, you will receive $0 for that referral. :slight_smile:

However, you will still receive rewards for those that use your promo-code to sign-up for monthly plans, as the maximum allowable discount on monthly plans is less than the full discount.

Correct again. If any of the people who signed-up using your promo-code (or via a direct referral link) subsequently refer others, you will receive a $5 reward for each of these secondary referrals.


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