Ability to Mass Edit Domains

Hi. Dreamhost is great for the user with under 10 domains, but when you get any more than that, managing domains is a HUGE chore.

I have 50+ domains on my account, the majority of which are running PHP 5.2. Upgrading all these domains to PHP 5.3 is going to take forever. This feature would be useful for all kinds of reasons, like putting all domains on Cloudflare, enabling mod_pagespeed on all, etc. Please implement this!

You could write a bash script to do it until DH exposes those things to the API

Like Bobocat stated, that definitely is an option.
However, I can see why you would a simpler option.
I’ll go ahead and get this over to devs & we’ll see if there is anything we can do :slight_smile:
Thank you for your feedback!

I’d be fine with writing a bash script. Any ideas where I would start? (I’ve never written a bash script before)