Ability to create second subnet (for load-balancer and VPN routing)

I’m attempting to create a loadbalancer instance that also handles VPN to my home network for tighter point-to-point security (haproxy and OpenVPN). The initial instance is online, VPN connected, and all good to go in that regard. However, the additional instances default to the router for their default gateway which is preventing the VPN as well as loadbalancer traffic from routing correctly.

I’ve attempted to change the IP for the LB instance, though was only able to do it manually in the instance, but was unable to find the associated option in the dashboard, and rebooting it reset it back to the dashboard setting.

I’ve attempted removing the router and then hope to try to find out how to directly connect the LB instance to the public network, however was cut short on that due to existing instance already associated with the router prevented it’s deletion, and I didn’t want to remove everything on a whim.

I then tried creating a second subnet that the additional instances could be associated with, and then leverage the LB instance as the bridge to that subnet. However, was met with a ‘quota exceeded’ message.

Is this type of configuration currently possible on this system? If so, any guidance on what I’m overlooking would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Right now we’re restricting projects to one private network due to the loss of all network connectivity on adding new ones. We’re working on a solution to that problem by either resolving a driver issue with hot-plugging in OpenBSD or spinning up a new router and switching the configuration to the new one. The team is investigating the options now.

For the time being, if you’d like an additional network, you can contact our tech support team and request one. They’ll make sure you’re fine with losing network connectivity to all your instances at a moment’s notice while the network is added and the router is reconfigured.

Excellent, thank you for the reply.
Starting a support ticket thread for additional clarifications and action request.