AAARGH! Redirect not working in I.E


For some reason, my redirect is not redirecting when using I.E.

I checked it in Firefox, and it’s no problem. (Haven’t checked Safari or Netscape or Opera… so I guess I should.)

But for some reason, is not redirecting to

has anyone experienced this? I asked DH support and they said:

“I just checked this redirection for you and I am seeing the site redirect successfully. If you do not see this happening yet, you can clear your web browser’s cache and try again. If that does not work, then this is simply a DNS propagation issue and should be working within a few hours.”

However, after clearing the cache it didn’t work. I’ve waited over a day, and it still doesn’t work. (in IE).

does anyone have any tips?

Your right, in IE 7 I get sent to Google, as though, IE can not find your site. However Firefox redirected to the correct website.
I thought mayby it was a capitalization issue, but I tried all lower case characters as well, still no go.

My website

I get the same thing here, re-direct works fine in FireFox, but not in IE 6.

One possible work-around would be to set the domain to fully hosted and use a .htaccess file to do the re-direct.


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DH has some problem with IE. I can’t add ftp user in IE. But everything works fine in firefox.

Hope they will slove the problems soon.

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DreamHost has no problems.
Who uses I.e. anyhow?

[ evL ]

I don’t know why you don’t fully-host the site in its domain instead of redirecting it to a subdirectory in another domain anyway; Dreamhost allows an unlimited number of fully hosted domains.

– Dan

ha, i’ll be learning linux/unix in the coming term. Hope I can do well and get rid of windows :wink:

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