A3.looney.mail.dreamhost.com SSL Problem

I have 5 e-mail accounts. 4 pop3 and one imap. I’m using Apple’s mail client with SSL on these mailboxes. I have them on 3 different domains.

The some of the mailboxes won’t connect. But it switches domains. Yesterday it was my personal website willscorner.net today it was another website carrachohelp.com
I get this message in mail.
“The server error encountered was: An SSL error occurred while trying to read data from the server “mail.carrachohelp.com”. Verify that this server supports SSL and that your account settings are correct.”

Well yesterday I did a traceroute on mail.willscorner.net and it pointed to a3.looney.mail.dreamhost.com

Well today it’s using a1 and the problem is fixed.

Except mail.carrachohelp.com is using a3.looney.mail.dreamhost.com and now is not working. I’ve checked the settings and based on the the facts I just listed I think a3 has actually gone looney :smiley:


How about now? I saw reports about this yesterday, but didn’t find any problem.

By the way, mail.[domain] will resolve to four different IPs, and you can’t assume that the one that ping or traceroute goes to at a particular time will for sure be the same machine you’re hitting.

Best bet is to try:
telnet [ip or hostname you think isn’t working] [port]

port would be 110 for pop, 143 for imap, 995 for ssl-pop, and 993 for ssl-imap. With the cleartext protocols, you’ll see a banner:
rawr% telnet mail.willscorner.net 110
Connected to a2.looney.mail.dreamhost.net.
Escape character is ‘^]’.
+OK Hello there.
+OK Better luck next time.
Connection closed by foreign host.

With SSL, you just want to see a successful connection:
rawr% telnet mail.willscorner.net 995
Connected to a2.looney.mail.dreamhost.net.
Escape character is ‘^]’.

If you can connect on that port and don’t get a timeout or a connection refused error (you can hit ctl-] to disconnect). If that’s working Ok, but you’re seeing problems still, you could change the incoming mail server to a particular IP or hostname and see if you can narrow it down that way.

In this case, the problem does seem to have been with a3… I restarted the SSL IMAP server, and it seems to be working now. Unclear what the problem was - it appeared to be accepting connections but wasn’t functioning properly for some reason. Testing in mail.app wasn’t much help, but Pine did give me a “SSL negotiation failed” error. Anyway, sorry this didn’t get fixed earlier. Let me know if you see any further problems.

Thanks Will. Everyone seems to be fixed, I’ll let you know if there are anymore problems :slight_smile: