A website and a blog


im am on the verge of finishing my first website. now i need to host it. after looking for a while it seems this is a good place.

heres my question:
i want to have a static website and one day, eventually a blog.
can i have a website and a blog under one domain?

I’ve never done this stuff before… I’m a designer with a bit of developing knowledge but not enough i guess…

oh yeah and also how do i add my 404 error page? i know i will have to change some code in the php ini file somewhere…


There would be no problem having a static website and a blog together. In this day and age though, why reinvent the wheel? Just go with a good content management system like Drupal. This way once you are ready to expand your website you would be able to easily without spending so much time.

You would not need to have a custom php.ini file to do that. Learn about .htaccess.


sounds good.
its just a portfolio website, as i am a designer. but i may want to blog about my work.

unfortunatley i don’t know how to use drupal and I’m just teaching myself wordpress now.
i already made my static website I’m working on the wordpress part now.


wordpress can be more than just a blog. there is no reason you cannot use it to power your entire site, portfolio blog and all. make things easier on yourself. wordpress has made considerable inroads on being a one-stop cms. even though wp does blogging best, it can be a fairly decent content management system.


well maybe if i learn wordpress ill remake my website into a full wordpress site.
also i have javascript plugins and who knows if they would work with wordpress.


To answer your questions:
Yes, you can have a html (static) and a blog on the same domain and/or hosting packaged.
You can just install the blog in a folder inside your static website (www.domain.com/blog) or as a subdomain (blog.domain.com) and just link the blog inside your static website.

I used to have all static websites and in time changed then over to WordPress. I had to learn this, but if you are a designer and can read, you should be able to handle the WP within 2 months fully, including making adjustments to the php files and plugins.

WP has 1000’s of plugins. you will just have to find the right one(s) that you can install to replace the javascripts you are using now.

For the 404 I do not know, but a simple search in this forum will give you an answer.


thanks. I’m going to buy the book called digging into wordpress and figure it all out. hopefully it won’t be too hard.


the best way to learn is to start using it. install wordpress on your account if you haven’t already. get the hang of installing themes as there are a bunch of free themes out there. THEN start looking at how to edit the themes. this is the simplest and most efficient way to get your content out there. learn as you go. i have never read a book on authoring for the web. everything i have learned has been free online and just playing around with what i wanted to know about. there are too many free resources out there. no reason to spend your money on something that can be obtained at no cost for you. only investment you need is your time.