A way to play audio file on Wordpress site?

I have a short wav file maybe a minute long (or mp3 if that is better for this.)

Is there an easy add-on, plug-in, etc that I can place on a page with a guitar review, which visitors to the website may click on and hear the sound file?

Otherwise, is there also a way I can load the file on my site, and have it be easily downloaded by visitors?


One way is to use Soundcloud. After you open an account & upload your audio file(s), there is a widget you can include in your Wordpress UI or individual posts. You can even add it to your sig.

This widget will display a little player that will play the file without leaving the page that is currently being viewed. I will also give a link to the Soundcloud account so the user can listen to other audio files.

Great! I will look into it. Thanks

Media playing is built in to WordPress as of 3.6

[audio src=“link to file”]

That’s all you have to do :slight_smile:

http://en.support.wordpress.com/audio/ is the .com directions, btu they’re pretty much the same for self hosted.

^ Video, too. Works great.

I’m a nerd and love watching http://wordpress.org/news/2013/08/oscar/ (which shows you all about it)

Just pasting in the URL of the MP3 or video file on it’s own line works :smiley: