A very basic "Comments" field

I’m trying to make a basic “Comments” page where users can submit comments along with their name and email. I have code which creates the fields for the text, but I’m not sure how to actually store the comments I receive in a separate text file/html file/ anything.
My code so far (which I stole from some other site because I don’t actually know how to code yet) is:

Name and Email(optional)

What should I add in order for the comments to be stored in a file. Is the code I already have completely wrong/not going to work?:spades:
Any help is greatly appreciated.

If you want to do it in PHP with MySQL perhaps you can learn from
this PHP/MySQL Tutorial

:cool: openvein.org -//-

If you aren’t familiar with coding, I would recommend that you setup some sort of “guestbook” feature, which is similar to the functionality you appear to be looking for.

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are you meaning something like i have here? http://marciesgifts.com/contact? first off you will need some sort of script to actually process the form. comments sent to me from that link are sent to my e-mail address and not stored in a file. I’m using a php form mail script. it is similar to Matt’s Form Mail script, probably what DH uses here http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Formmail

I’ve uploaded it to my website so you can download it since I can’t remember the original website that I got it from. Just look at the readme.html file and it’s pretty simple to use. Send me a message if you still need help. http://dev.marciesgifts.com/formmail.v50.zip

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