A users FTP Directory - where?

Hey all.

Ive just set up about 4 FTP accounts for each of my "clan"s members, but for the life of me, cannot find the directory to where the FTP points.

During the setup process is says /home/username/ is the directory, but, that just doesn’t work.
Would be good just to find out where the directory points to.

eg: http://mywebsite.com/username/ should work, but at the moment, only returns a 404.

Thanks guys.
ps: Im pretty dam sure Ive waited over 2 hours.

When you log in with ftp, you already login to /home/username and then you see a folder called “yourdomain.com” and some mail folders if I remember right. So even if your the admin, you can’t see your members uploads because they aren’t in your user folder. (At least I haven’t found out to get global access to my users yet, it might be possible)

If you go to Domains -> Re-map Sub Dir, you can change where your domain points. So for example,
www.domain.com/user1 goes to /home/user1/domain.com
www.domain.com/user2 goes to /home/user2/domain.com

It will take a hour or so to work properly. But be aware if you change a folder that already exists from www.domain.com/images to /home/user2/domain.com/images (where you are user1), you will have to tranfer the files from user1 to user2.

Hope you understand all that