A subdomain folder for my FTP user has disappeared!



I loaded my site via the public URL to take a look before making some small changes. It loaded fine.

I opened FileZilla and connected to the FTP user (via SFTP). I selected the folder for the domain I wanted to modify (on the “remote site” side of the FileZilla panels). Then in the pane below, where it shows the folders files, I selected them all with a CMD+A, then clicked and dragged them into the local folder I created just moments earlier.

FileZilla returned many errors, sample of them is further below.

Now my subdomain’s folder no longer appears in my FTP users folder in FileZilla. When I try to access via WebFTP on dreamhost.com (by going to Domains > Manage Domains > [the subdomain I’m trying to modify] > WebFTP) it opens to my user folder, and my subdomain’s folder is missing here as well.

I then tried, twice, to use the Restore action that is on the Manager Domains page, next to my desired domain. It only took a min each time, but it did not result in my subdomain folder returning, only 2 new folders now exists with Timestamps (I chose the option to make the backup live).

I haven’t lost my files, I also have local backups of them, the problem is my subdomain folder is missing, and I cannot create a new folder or rename existing ones in the FTP user folder.

And right as I stumble upon this issue, LIVE CHAT GOES AFK FOR 48HRS FML

Please tell there is a way I can restore my subdomain folder myself so that I can get some work done.




After some time working on something else, my subdomain folder has reappeared (although its empty now).

My issue is now resolved.