A strange site


I don’t know why but i’m getting a lot of hits from a site at this url: techwebresources.com and several variations of it. For some reason it just displays one of the sites i’m hosting, http://cezandco.co.uk/

I’ve also just fixed a hacked oscommerce that according to the logs the referrer was the above site. I don’t know who they are or what, does anyone know any info about them?


The domain that’s mimicking your own is apparently hosted at DreamHost and both domains are listed in a DNS lookup as using the same IP. The owner is listed as “United Business Media Group Ltd” (dcntrnoc [AT] ubm-us [DOT] com).

Chances are reasonably high that it is an internal glitch of some description that’s caused the problem rather than someone aping your domain purposefully. You should submit a support ticket about this.

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