A records and yola oh my


So I’m trying to point my website to Yola, who requires I set up two A records pointing to it. I did one but it won’t accept it unless I set up another which has the www in front of it. I tried also setting up an A record with the www.domain.com and it says “you already have a record exactly like this”.

But yola said:

Please make sure you have two A records which are pointing to Yola’s IP address, If you would like your domain to work correctly with the “www” prefix you need to make sure that your DNS settings are configured correctly to support the “www” prefix. For this you need to set up two A records.

What do I do?! :open_mouth:


The two A records should have different names. One should have the name “www”, and the other should have its name left blank.

Note that you’ll need to remove DreamHost’s web hosting for your domain first, if you haven’t already, since it would conflict with these DNS records.