A record ip addresses given at setup not all propagating

The domain name for this account was purchased elsewhere.

When I set up the hosting for the domain name fabexchange.com with dreamhost, I was shown a set of 3 ip addresses that corresponded with the nameservers for dreamhost and this domain name’s hosting.

I modified the domain names A Records to reflect the 3 different ip addresses given.

www = 1st ip address
@ None = 2nd ip address
8 (all others) = 3rd ip address

I am keeping the email handling with the domain provider, so only updated those A Records so as to only have dreamhost handle the website hosting.

After 36 hours the ip addresses had not propagated completely throughout the internet. I have not been able to establish an ftp connection or see the quickstart page.

So after much forum reading and troubleshooting, I went to the manage domain panel, clicked DNS and saw at the very bottom of the screen a set of information that included an ip address that does not match any of the ones shown to me at setup.

I used this ip address from the DNS page to try to connect via ftp and lo and behold, I could connect!!! So at least that was some progress. However, when I input that ip address into my browser, I get a bad_httpd_config error.

Now I am also wondering if I need to update the A Records for the domain with this new ip address I saw on the DNS page in order to get the site to work properly? The client I am working for on this site needed the site done “yesterday”, so time is of the essence and I don’t want to cause further unnecessary propagation delays.

I also didn’t want to hit the Go! button on the DNS page for this domain’s hosting if that would cause further harm as well.

Your speedy reply would be extremely appreciated! :slight_smile:

Thank you,


I have received a reply to this issue via the support ticket system. It seems the ip address I am shown when I go to the Manage Domain panel > DNS then all the way at the bottom is the ip address to configure for the A Records. I informed support that perhaps something needs to be checked on your end though, because I was shown 3 completely different ip addresses alongside your ns1.dreamhost.com etc. nameservers. This information was shown as an alert at the top of the screen/page immediately after completely the setup of the hosting for the new domain that was added to the account.

Thank you

The IP address shown alongside NS1.dreamhost.com etc are the IP addresses of the dreamhost nameservers. You would use those if your registar did not allow you to enter a name (e.g. NS1.dreamhost.com) when pointing the ENTIRE domain to dremshost’s nameservers. The IP addresses that you have found as support explained to you are correct for your A-records.