A really nice question

I am very curious about this:

When you become a new member of Dreamhost by purchasing a hosting plan, in the very first days, is there anybody at Dreamhost who evaluates the your level of managing the tools provided in your control panel?

Does anyboy at Dreamhost check what do you do and how do you make things with your new web space to know the knowns you have about this world?

Just curious.

As far as I know DH don’t watch what every new user does for a few days after their account is approved, maybe they do but I haven’t heard anything, maybe someone else knows if they do.

I would take a guess that most users can find their way round the panel without any trouble if they have a basic knowledge of the terms used, and if any help is required by a new user, there are plenty of options to help them along, such as these forums, the Dreamhost Wiki, and of course tech support as well.

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I think they modify the panel according tickets to tech support.

If many people don’t find an option and ask for, they may change the view of this option.

BTW you can also send suggestion to tech support.

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Another option would be to submit it to the ‘Suggestions’ section of the panel and let other users vote on it.


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