A question about PHP's sleep()

software development


I currently have a disgruntled teenager sending faked letters from lawyers to me every few days or so, usually whenever someone posts a topic on my message board he disagrees with. I’m getting pretty tired of it and need to get him bored enough to leave us alone, but I know banning his IP will only get him to use a proxy where I can’t track him.

So, inspired by vBulletin’s Miserable User hack for getting rid of persistent trolls, I created a script that delays page loads randomly. It works delightfully, but I was wondering if using PHP’s sleep() function to slow down page loads eats up CPU minutes like crazy. I don’t want to annoy DreamHost or any of my server neighbors if this has adverse effects.

P.S. I’ve turned on resource tracking - I thought I’d ask here while I wait for the logs.


Logs are back: answer’s no. :o)