A question about Hosting

Forgive me if this is posted in wrong place. My question is about hosting an IP. I want to run a Game server and i’m running it from my computer but don’t want to give my actual IP address out on the web. Will I be able to have my game hosted on Dreamhost, and will it give me an IP i can give out for people to be able to join? I already have the server working and just need an IP, other than my own, to give out on the web.

Thanks for reading and I would appreciate any help anyone can give me.

To run a server on dreamhost you will need at least VPS not just shared hosting. I believe a VPS does include one unique IP however its not guaranteed to not change, the solution is to register a domain name and use that instead of an IP address.

If you’re wanting to run the Game server at your house, no matter what your IP would be needed to connect.

Now I’m doing something like this (not a game server though) already.
My home server is connected to my home network
My firewall has one port open that points to my internal IP Address of my server.
The Firewall uses a service like dyndns.org and a dyndns.org domain name
I then use Dreamhost to forward any traffic that is sent to www.mydomain.com to my home server’s IP Address.

This allows me to connect to it via the Name even if the IP Address changes.