A question about dreamweaver and dreamhost

right now I am on an frontpage extensions server which allows me to upload using frontpage but does not allow me to upload via ftp.

I have finally saved enough $ for dreamweaver and am starting the seemingly daunting task of learning this program and starting to recreate my web site.

my question is: should I move my domain off of the frontpage server now while I’m still in the building stages of my new web site? I don’t know dreamweaver at all can I check the site as I build it with out uploading to a server? or would you recommend otherwise? what would you do?


You do not have to upload your site while building your pages. When you are building the pages, to view them in ie, or whatever browser you are using, just go to file >> preview in browser. You can set what browser you want to use in edit >> preferences >> preview in browser.

Dreamweaver is a wonderful program…good luck.

Where WYSIWYG programs are concerned, Dreamweaver is better than the others, but I, myself, still prefer the old-school method of writing HTML by hand in a plain-text editor!


– Dan