A question about $97 coupon

I created a $97 coupon in a hope that it would pay me $97. I later realized that was so stupid of me.

Now that the coupons has been used 2 times, I realized I didn’t earn anything from those two referrals.

Is the $97 coupon supposed to pay you anything. If not, then what’s the purpose of such a coupon?

Here is the explanation provided in the panel:

The only downside is whatever discount (new! and/or feature bonus!) you give them comes out of your $97 one-time rewards payment (anybody who uses a promo code will be set as a one-time rewards, not recurring). But hey, that’s only fair! It’s basically a way for you to share some of your rewards with the people you’re referring.

Basically, when you set up a promo code, you have $97 to divide up between:

  1. You.
  2. The customer who signs up with it.
  3. Add-on services (e.g, additional domain registrations and/or unique IPs).

If you give the customer a $97 discount on hosting, there’s none left over for you. Them’s the breaks!

Unless things have changed, if the person who uses your coupon later sets up a coupon and signs up a customer based on that coupon, you are eligible for a cut… Not sure how much it is though. I haven’t looked into it for a few years.

Aah, my mistake. I shouldn’t have created such a generous coupon in the first place :slight_smile:

Some points about offering $97 off coupons.
[]You will get $5 for sub-referrals! if you offer $97 off coupons.
]You will also get some money if the person used your $97 coupon and he/she did not get $97 off on his purchase due to any condition (As i know its geo location).