A qeustion about the free domain from DreamHost

just a few hours ago my account and domain have been activeded,
in the email i got, its been written:
"Your registration of ****.com for 1 year has been processed.“
but then at the page
i was promissed:
” Don’t worry! We can register it for you - FREE!
And it STAYS FREE for as long as you remain a customer with us!"
so… is this domain for one year only ? did DH lay to me ?!
or are they going to repay it every year ?

i would like to get an answer from a admin, and not from a member, that can be just as confused as me.

well I’m just a customer, but in no way am I as confused as you :slight_smile:

the free domain that comes with signup is renewed every year, for free, as long as you’re renewing your hosting. They probably don’t pay if you leave :wink:


G’day, nezek. I asked the same question only recently–see "Free domain rego included in the plans."
If you expect an ‘official’ answer, it is probably best to contact DH Support directly instead of posting here.
All the best,

The free domain will be registered on a year-to-year basis. How fair would it be if you registered for five free years ahead of time and then left dreamhost after 6 months?

At the end of each year, you will have to go into your control panel and renew it, but you won’t actually be charged for it, since it’s included.

If you’ve received confirmation from DH about your registration, you should be okay… sometime the system just has some lag.

As mentioned, if you want official word from DH you need to submit a request to support through your web panel. Be sure to specify in the “category” field that it’s a domain registration question.

I think they auto-renew domains unless you select not to do this.

– Dan

Actually, the default is not to auto-renew. You have to select the option to auto-renew.


k, tnx y’all(: