A problem of 1.95$ 3.95$?

i know that i can get money saved by click on the links wordpress.org shown."http://wordpress.org/hosting/"
i want to know ,is it the same with “777code” in binding domain limits compare with 1.95$/mo one?

i don’t understand what you mean by binding domain limits.

Different promo code gives different offers. Some give free lifetime domains. Some saves money. Usually the promo creator should tell you what offers it gives.

“binding domain limits” I mean that using “777CODE” then when you add some domain like aaa.com which had already used “777code” last year, you can not used this host again.

so i want know whetheror not it’s the same with 1.95$ 3.95$ promoted by Wordperss.org

That is correct. You can’t transfer domains among hosting plans signed up using any promo code in DH.

Does Wordpress promotion come with a promo code? If so, it will be same for the Wordpress promotion.

when you sing in from this like http://wordpress.org/hosting/
you can save many money, you mean if i chose this way , then i can not add and unadd domain easily?

I don’t see any offer on that page.

However, even you sign up a hosting plan with a promo code, you can still add / remove domains in the same account as many as you like. But you can’t transfer domains to another account since you used a promo code to sign up the account. This is to prevent people from using promo code for themselves.

If you sign up a account without a promo code, you can transfer domains among any accounts.