A positive DH support story

Probably inevitably a lot of posts on a forum like this are complaints from customers who’ve had problems, so I thought I’d take a moment to take a more positive note. I’ve been a DreamHost customer for about 4 years, and have seen my share of glitches–mostly server downtime, though much less often in recent months. So I know DH isn’t perfect.

Recently my wife reported that a bunch of her DH-based email had gone missing, things saved to the old-messges file. I poked around a bit via logging in to her shell account and discovered some very odd-looking duplication of Maildir folder names that was no doubt behind the problem, but I had no idea how to fix things without the chance of mucking up indexes and data. So I sent a ticket to DH support.

Support responded within the day, went right to the source of the problem, cleaned up the files, and now my wife reports everything is okay.

Considering we’re on a $9.95/month plan, that’s a level of service I consider admirable.

Stories like that are always encouraging to hear. I have also had excellent support from DreamHost over the years I’ve hosted here (almost exactly 9 years now).

Thanks for sharing a positive experience! :slight_smile:


Yes, thanks for sharing your story. I haven’t done much with my DreamHost email but it is reassuring to know that I can depend on support to help me if I get in trouble!

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I recently get quite a quick response compared to other cheap host I ever experience.

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I’ve been a Dreamhost customer for a comparable amount of time, and have several less-interesting stories that illustrate the same degree of competence and dedication. And, I might add, politeness.

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I think it all depends on who you get. I have the worst luck with support on weekends. I understand many of times they are trying to solve as many tickets as possible, as I’m sure they have a huge workload… But its nice to see when things work out.

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