A page is missing content but I can't seem to find any missing files. Please help!

This is weird. I have a page of photos that looks fine on my local drive, and in fact appears fine as a separate page on another section of my web site but this particular page, which is almost identical, is missing all the photos. When I compare the site vs. my drive through Transmit everything appears to be in order. The only theory I can come up with is that because Transmit has a 7 min. time limit (I have the free version) I wonder if I did not finish uploading some obscure support file completely in between uploads. But how can I find that out? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

FYI, The page with the missing photos is located at http://johncmckinney.com/Teaching/Print.html To see what the page is SUPPOSED to look like, you can go to http://johncmckinney.com/Copywriter/Print.html As you can see all my ad layouts are gone, along with the Slideshow link.

The page was created using iWeb on a Mac.

Thanks for any assistance!


You can try cyberduck. It’s like transmit, but free :slight_smile:


Thanks! Your suggestion didn’t solve the riddle but I used Cyberduck and I was able to reload the entire site and somehow that fixed it.

Still wish I knew what caused that to happen, though.