A new domain

Seeing as their is unlimited domains i would like to set up a domain for my freind is there any way i can set up a new name and pass for him for this certain domain for free.


Its fairly simple, but a few questions to ask.

  1. Does your friend already have a domain name?
  2. Are you going to want to pay for charges if he goes over your limits?

First of all, Goto Users, Manage Users. Create a new User, I would only set him up with FTP access unless you are sure they need Shell Access.

Now, if you answered No to #1, then you need to Goto Domain, then Registrations and Register a new domain. (Note: registering a new domain does cost, it is not free).

If you answered Yes to #1, then you can goto Domain, Manage Domains, add Domain and make sure to setup the domain under his Username. (You can also do Reg Transfer and set it up that way, if you want Dreamhost to handle the Domain name permanently, Reg Transfer also costs $9.95 and it will renew the name for a year)

Now, if you answered NO to #2, be sure that you set limits on his account on how much space he can use, etc, so that he doesn’t accidentally end up costing you additional fees.

I hope that helps, and I’m sure I missed something… sure of it.

ok thanks but i thought they were free, it says i get three domains with my account i had no idea i had to pay more. anyway thanks for your help…

do subdomains cost money?

Btw, you get a free domain registration when you sign up with a new plan. So you and your friend might want to consider if all the administration hassle is worth it, and simply have them sign up with their own plan and all their own passwords etc.


Use sweetdream25 at signup for an instant $25 off your new account. Not sure which DreamHost plan is best? This chart lists the plans.

one more question, im trying to make a subdomain for him so he can edit it. how do i do this exactly?

I did this for a friend of mine, and what I did was create a user account for him, and then create the subdomain (choosing “fully hosted”) and then “run CGI as user” with his user name selected, and, voila, he has a subdomain that he can put files in.

Now, as far as letting him do stuff like work with a database and whatnot, that was more complicated. I had to create a database for him, and then create a WebID for him (actually, I emailed him and told him to create his own), and then used the Account Privileges thingy in the panel to give him the ability to make changes to his own user account and to the database I set up just for him. If I’d set up other stuff for him, like autoresponders or whatever, I’d have given him access to those, too.