A little lost still


Just recently got a domain and hosting from dreamhost, I bought a template and it has 2 folders one is html and the other is psd. My question is how and where do I upload these, would it be in the ftp? Well sorry for the noob questions I guess everyone has to start someone where! Thanks to anyone who wants to help.

I am so lost…Hope to see the light soon


Before you do anything, make sure you have backup copies of that template in case you goof up any of the editing.

If you’ve set up a Fully Hosted Domain, you’ll see an example.com folder in your home directory when you FTP in. The contents of the html folder belong in there. Don’t just drop the “html” folder in there, as that will mean your site is at example.com/html/. One of the files in there should be index.html.

The PSD folder are the graphics for your site in Photoshop format so you can edit text and such. That should stay on your home computer so you can edit those files.



Thank you very much for such a quick response! I have backed up everything, I atleast did one thing right. So you are saying take the contents from the html folder on my home computer and put it in the folder on the ftp? Do I have to upload the psd file? Thanks alot

I am so lost…Hope to see the light soon


Yes, the contents of the html folder belong in your domain folder when you FTP to your site. Make sure you have already set up a Fully Hosted Domain from the DreamHost panel. That’s what creates the example.com folder for you when you FTP.

Do not upload the psd files. Those are the original graphics used to create the images in the html file.



Ok when I am in my panel it says under domains hosted, it says FULLY. So now I just need to edit these to fit my site better and upload through my ftp? Thanks alot!

I am so lost…Hope to see the light soon


If you mean editing to customize the look of your site, then yes. Good luck!