A little help please

I am new to DreamHost and I am using Sandvox 2 and when I attempt to upload from Sandvox2 I get a server returned status 404 error. Any help would be greatly appreciated…

• Contacting thesamuraitek.com
• Establishing FTP connection… Server reached.
• Creating Directories… Done.
• Attempting to upload a test file… Done.
• Attempting to download the test file…
• Unable to download file from URL: http://thesamuraitek.com/~brady315/Temp_EB2B65E8368F4BA4A01F.html
• Received the error message: Server returned status code 404

it looks like, Sandvox 2 is expecting the user name to be in the web path, it won’t be on dreamhsot. I tried taking it out, but i got a 404 on that try too.