A little help for a bash newb please


first of all,im totally sorry for bothering u guys,but im a complete newbie to this ,just learning things
and i dont know why i thought i could so,but im trying to install djabgo onto my blog,following this post
iv got a little far, till where i need to add these to my bash_profile file

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/django/django_src/django/bin export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:$HOME/django/django_src:$HOME/django/django_projectsand then im supposed to source it

source ~/.bash_profileBut just after i do that it shows a
": octal number out of range" on my shell.
im not sure whats causing this, because unless it sources it, my understanding is that id not be able to have any python binding into the shell,
please help me out a little bit as im just learning these things,
my bash file at present looks like this after adding those export lines

# ~/.bash_profile: executed by bash(1) for login shells. export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/django_src/django/bin export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:$HOME/django_src:$HOME/django_projects umask 002 PS1='[\h]$ 'am i putting those ‘export’ lines in the correct place ?


You will sometimes get those errors if you use an editor on your own PC and then ftp the result to the server. They can either get altered by being uploaded in binary mode or by not understanding the cr/lf at the end of the line.

If you know how to ssh to the server do that and then open up the file .bash_profile using pico.

pico -w .bash_profile

Then add a space or newline to the end just to ensure the file has been modified. Then save file as normal with control-o and exit pico with control-x.

Hopefully you can then run

source .bash_profile or just logout and login to the server.


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thanks a lot,
i was using the webftp editor before because i could just paste those lines…
i used pico this time and it worked,
great :))