A little confused

Hello all,

I am looking at getting hosting here on DH. I am looking at the level1 paying for at least a year ahead of time if not the 2 year deal. I am looking at setting up a website for a business I am about to setup. I will be selling items from this site. My questions are as follows:

1.) Should DH be stable enough to host such a site. I know that downtime means no money income.
2.) On the DH website it says that the L1 is 170GB storage and 1.7TB transfer. But on the forums I see 200GB storage and 2TB transfer. I know I will not get close to this any time soon (plus the weekly/monthly upgrades) but I am just wondering what the real deal is.
3.) I will need a unique IP for my credit card stuff. And was reading on the forums where the new promo codes allow people to make their own. It would be killer if I could get the free unique IP and the rest in money off my hosting :wink:

Any help is appreciated.


  1. DreamHost should be stable enough for most people. You can check out the latest incidents at http://status.dreamhost.com. Notice that DreamHost has hundreds of servers and most incidents only affects one of them. Recently they had a power failure which affected all customers, but the problem have been solved now.

DreamHost has a 97 day money back guarantee, so you can try them out for 3 months with out loosing any money.

  1. The L1 plan used to have 200GB storage and 2TB transfer. As a marketing gimmick they started to lower the amounts. I think you might get the “old” amounts if you use a promo code, but I’m not certain.

  2. You can use the code IP67 to get a free unique IP and save $67 on yearly and bi-yearly plans.

Best of luck with your new business…

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doeleman has answered your questions but I just want to add few points.

You can refer to the existing webistes hosted in DH here. DHSOTM Most of us are happy here in DH.

It is mentioned by some customers. If you use promo code to sign up, you will have 200GB starting space and 2TB starting bandwidth.

Some customers have already created some speical codes. You will find some in the forum.

Good luck and welcome to DH!

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I was also a bit hesited about it and i didn’t know that if i use promo code i’ll get 200gb space and 2tb bandwidth.I’m not a dh customer now(just a inactive affiliate).But i’m planning to start a download type website including full length mp3 songs. Will my site run smoothly on DH? I think as start up it’ll not be so much problem.What you think? Any suggestion to me?

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My number one suggestion for you would be to make certain you have the legal right to distribute the files you make available for download. Any copyright problems could see your site(s) being taken down and your account canceled.


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Have you looked at DreamHost’s Files Forever service?

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File forever is still in beta, and there is better to loan/sell files.

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Its never possible to take permission for all songs as a webmaster of free downloading site.But if i upload only ‘non-copy righted’ files?Will it be a crime or violation of DH TOS? I’ll never sell any mp3!

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Although you do not plan to sell mp3, you still need to make sure that the files you are distributing are not copyrighted.

From what I understand, you do not have the right to sell or distribute copyrighted files. If you upload only “non-copyrighted” files, you should be fine in DH.

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Thats what i wanted to know.Thanks.If DH let me do its fine for me too.

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as they mentioned, the best way is to send a ticket to DH support and clear your doubts.

welcome to DH!

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Thanks for your advice. I will ask DH before getting a hosting.:slight_smile:

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welcome, welcome to DH!

Hope you are fine here.

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