A Flood of Viruses

Ever since I switched my web hosting account to Dreamhost, my main email address (admin at castlefootball dot com) has been getting 2 or 3 virus infected emails a day from anonymous generic email addresses. It’s like spam, but much much worse.

I can’t exactly use filters or change email addresses due to the nature of its use. Does anyone have any suggestions? So far, Norton is catching everything that arrives, but it makes me nervous ~very nervous~ thinking that it might miss one soon.


You could sign up for the junkmail beta.

What are the chances that unknown emails would get dumped with the beta?

This email address is used for anyone and everyone who wants to ask the site for information, so I don’t have a contact list of “allowed” email addresses, nor would I probably ever be able to do so. Do you think that the beta would still be feasible?

Well it’s a beta, so there’s a slightly greater chance than normal that we’ll do something that will break your mail.

But in terms of “unknown emails getting” dumped, the settings would be pretty much up to you. You can set the score you want to use, and you can set the threshold used to quarantine emails.

Additionally to Will’s post, it would perhaps ease your mind that the beta filter does not delete anything!

The filter just moves suspicious mails (spam, virus, good mails by mistake) to a special webmail folder that you can see in your browser. You only see the sender&subject but that’s enough to decide whether it’s bad or good.

Good mail can be easily released into your real mailbox, where your normal webmail and pc-based mail program gets it.

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