A few things - i'm new


this is my first day at DH.

I was wondering, am i allowed to edit php.ini? i understand that we can compile our own PHP binaries, so in that case, can i use the ./configure option to point to a php.ini of my choice?

also, about PEAR, i need to install an IRC class. i tried this via the ‘pear’ command but it couldn’t make the required directories. i tried to use sudo but obviously i don’t have root access.

is there a way i can install all these things in my home directory?



You cannot edit the server php.ini because you would need root access as you say. But you can install PHP yourself as many have done already. You can also install PEAR and select your own packages to install. As they are installed under your group then any other domains you add can also use your PEAR and PHP setup.
See the DreamHost Wiki and search under PEAR and PHP for instructions.


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this worked fine. thanks :slight_smile: