A Few Questions

Hi! I have a few questions I can’t seem to find answers for.

  1. Are there plans for Public IPv6 Addresses? I could use at least 3, and it is cheaper if I don’t have IPv4 addresses. I don’t need IPv4, as I’m planning on letting CloudFlare sit in front of my servers.

  2. Is there going to be a way to adjust the sizes of the VM presets? I only need my VMs to have at most 10GB of storage each, and I would like to set a clearer naming system.

  3. I see that DreamCompute is listed as “Beta”. Is the SLA in effect, or is DreamCompute not ready for production?

  4. What is the deal with Bandwidth? Is it going to be unmetered, it is going to be a 100mbit port? What’s the deal?

  5. Where can I contact support? There is no link on the DreamCompute page, and there is no category under Support.

  6. Are there upgrades beyond the “DREAMCOMPUTE 18GB” plan? Say, I need more than 18GB of RAM. What would I do?

7. Is there any speed restrictions on the network? I can barely get above 50Mbits in or out on my server.

Hi! I can try to help.

  1. All instances get a public ipv6 address and private ipv4 address by default when they are created. I would need to check on if multiple ipv6 addresses can be assigned to a single instance but I don’t believe so.

  2. The flavors (sizes) are pre-defined and we don’t currently have plans to allow customer-self-definied ones. If you have a specific flavor you wish added, please contact support and we can do that for you. The disk used for each flavor is not fixed, you can select the flavor for the CPU and RAM you want, and adjust the disk size separately.

  3. DreamCompute is currently beta and offers no SLA. This will of course change when we get out of beta.

  4. Bandwidth during beta is unmetered and unlimited. Once we get out of beta outbound traffic will be charged. We don’t have pricing details yet but it will be very competitively priced when that happens.

  5. You can contact support from https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=support.msg& and select the DreamCompute category. Livechat is also available.

  6. If you contact support and let us know what amount of vCPU, GB of RAM, floating ips, GB of volume storage, and number of instances you want, we can give you a quote for a plan.

  7. Any speed test will likely show low results, mostly because the geographical info for our IPs are for Los Angeles, when in reality DreamCompute is located in Ashburn, Virginia. Speeds may improve in the near future after some network changes as well.

I hope that helped, and if you have any further questions please let us know.

Thanks for the response.

Do you guys know when you will be coming out of Beta? Also, could I suggest changing the name schema of VM sizes to something a bit more informative.

And by the way, your public website makes no mention of the fact that the service is in beta or the SLA is not in effect. Neither does the control panel, or the signup process. A Bit misleading if you ask me.

Edit. If you guys are looking for feedback on the service in general; decouple storage from the price. The 18GB Plan in my book is a really good offering, but I have no use for all that storage. If you put all the resources on a sliding scale (custom about of CPU, RAM, Disk, Disk IO, and Bandwidth), that would be really cool.

Thanks for the feedback. It will likely be another couple months at least until we are out of beta. We’ll announce it to all current customers when it is getting close. The VM sizes are not very clear, correct. We are considering more descriptive names in the future. As for the rest, we appreciate the feedback and will consider them.