A few questions

Someone recommended me here because my sites are in dire need of bandwidth. I checked out the plans, and they seem good, I just have a few questions.

Now, you say that you allow multiple domains on your shared plans, but I don’t see anything for reseller plans. I am used to having WHM with the reseller that I currently have, that way I can go about fixing my own domain stuff. I don’t ‘resell’ at all, I just manage domains. Will I get WHM with my ‘Shared’ plan (even though you don’t usually). Is there an option at all? I read the wiki article, and it just didn’t seem to satisfy my question.

The ‘Two-Year Pre-Payment’ plan… I am just confused how it can be pre-payment but then have a monthly price listed. I had always thought that pre-payment was to get all of the money ahead of time. Can someone explain to me how that’s done exactly?

And the free domain that you get when you sign up… does that have to be my main domain? Because I want to transfer domain(s), but I would also like to take advantage of that deal, as well. Of course, this question will be sort of void if I am do indeed get WHM.

DreamHost doesn’t use cPanel or WHM, they use their own custom Web control panel, but rest assured you will still be able to manage your domains via this panel.

You can create a WebID and check out some of the features the Web panel offers, before you decide whether to sign-up, by clicking the ‘LOG IN’ text in the top right hand corner of the DreamHost homepage.

The one-year and two-year payment options are definitely prepaid, multiply the monthly amount by 12 or 24 to obtain the full cost. I think they show the equivalent monthly figure to demonstrate the discount that pre-paying provides (over monthly payments). The full cost is of-course shown during the sign-up process.

No, you have the option to not register the free domain during the sign-up process and register it at a later time.


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