A few questions

who do I contact here at dreamhost?

That’s kind of an ambigous question, mind explaining yourself a bit more?

The ‘Contact Us’ page might have the info your looking for…

god i hate poor support

im an existing affilate who has now decided after referrign a stack of new customers to dreamhost I might try your hosting myself

i put in a ticket 14hrs ago -simply asking how to setup a domain - then i see that the number of open tickets was 326!!!

I should really forget about getting any sort of reply today shouldnt I.

why are people responding on message boards but not to support tickets?

how do i setup a domain?

I dotn understand the rewards system - seems very complicated to someone who is an active participant in 10’s of affilate programs. Can I use my rewards to purchase hosting now? Do I have to wait 3 months?

these are my questions and comments

The support page clearly states to allow them 24 hours, so give them 24 hours. You should get a response by then. Honestly, you haven’t even used the support system, how can you call it poor?

Because we’re volunteers here, not DreamHost employees.

You should have searched the Knowledge base before bothering support. You would have had your answer a lot sooner. “How do I add a domain or sub domain to my account?”

I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.