A few questions

Ok before I signup for dreamhost, I would like to know a few things. First of all, billing. Lets say I signed up right now (Feb 18). Would I be billed on this day and then again March 18? Or would I be billed today and on March 1? Or just March 1?

I hope that made sense.

Another question, I was looking at the Crazy Domain Insane! package and It said I get 3 FULL Domains Hosted. Does that mean I can host 3 seperate domains? For example gamerfaction.com, myothersite.com, thirdone.com. Am I understanding this “Full Domain hosting” correctly?

Yes you can host 3 seperate domains. But you only get ONE domain registration for free. (You will have to either register the other doamins your self or have dreamhost do it for 14.95 each…

Now… you still reading? go sign up for CDI. Full year prepaid (trust me). When it asks for a promo code type in 777. your ENTIRE bill for the year (including the free domain registration) will be $9.42. You wont get billed again till FEB of next year… (weather it’s the first or the 18th I couldnt tell you but for that price does it matter?)


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How did you find out about that promo code? Also, just in case it does not work for some reason, is there a way to test if the code is still valid?

You enter the code before you have to pay. when it gives you the total of 119.00 there will be a box that says Promo code. Enter 777. it will recalc your total to be 9.24.
If it doesnt work, start back at the beginning.

It worked as of 2 days ago.

Before I signed up with Dreamhost I did a google for Dreamhost promo code
trying to bypass the setup fee. I hit paydirt with 777.


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I checked the code and it worked as you said. Thank you very much for that code, saved me a bunch of money. Also, I signed up!

i just signed up too… its simply so cheap… is there a catch?

No catch at all. It reverts to the normal price after a year, but I’m so happy with DH that I’m sure I’ll continue hosting with them, and I think you will be too.

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