A Few Questions Regarding Dreamhost

1)Is it possible to make the “whois” information for domain registrations private? Currently I have a domain at another site and was wanting to transfer it over to my dreamhost account, but I have that domain private and would like to keep it and other domains I have with dreamhost that way.

2)I am able to upload to dreamhost using my ftp information, however I am unable to go to the actual directories of any of the folders I create.

3)I had dreamhost redirect one of my domains to my other one (which I mentioned earlier). The redirect would take me to the right page no problem, but when I tried to take off the redirect and make the page alone, it continued to redirect. I turned off the redirect on the other host and this one. When I try to “upload” via the shell I guess it’s called on dreamhost it ask for my ftp password, I use the same information I use on my WS_FTP and it says incorrect. I just deleted the domain and was going to transfer the whole thing over to hopefuly get rid of this problem, but alas I want the private registration (see #1).

  1. I can’t log into any of my mailboxes. I constantly get wrong username/password errors. I’ve created three different user accounts of the 254 or so available and it never lets me in. My actual http://webmail.“MyDomain”.org/ works, though when I try to do anything other than auto-response e-mails I get the username/password error.

Thank you for any help you may be able to offer. I believe I am following the directions provided in your FAQs as well.