A few questions from a prospective customer


This is going to be mostly about domains, since I’m dragged here mainly because of the prices :wink: My plan is to use one of them codes that give you 5 or so free bonus domains (instead of the 1st year rebate)… But now back again to the point.
Do you guys know whether:

  1. The domains that I am to register may be IDN - with those non-ASCII chars., or not?
  2. If I’m not wrong, these free registrations (those bonus ones from the promo code, as well as the ‘usual’ one) instead of registering a new domain can be used to transfer my old domain(s) from somewhere else?
  3. Are these free domains really my property, or is it just Dreamhost LLC lending them to me?
  4. Have any of you done transfers of ownership of those free domains? Between Dreamhost users or between a DH user and a third-company user?
  5. The last question will be about the hosting itself… :wink: I heard some time ago that there aren’t really any resource limits on Dreamhost, and that here is probably the only overselling company in the whole industry that enables one to use his whole bandwidth/diskspace. While that might have been true, it seems like there’s some kind of VPS over here right now… So I thought that maybe they do force those resource hogs to the pricier accounts (like their competition) after all… Do you guys know how does this matter look like nowadays?
    Thanks in advance for all answers!


Don’t settle for anything less than 5 domains and $22 off. :wink:

  1. I donno.
  2. You can use them for transferred domains.
  3. They’re as “yours” as they ever are.
  4. Not me. Only from elsewhere to DreamHost. I’ve heard transfer from account to account at DreamHost is not allowed if the 2nd account used a promo. DreamHost gives you Authorization codes in advance so transfer away should not be a problem.
  5. If you over-work the shared server, you may be asked to move to more expensive hosting. You hear all kinds of stories.

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Hi, welcome to DH!

This is a customer-to-customer forum. We’ll give you suggestions based on my experiences. If you want definate answers, you can always contact DH support via their contact form

They are your property as long as you renew them. You have the right to move the domain to anywhere. You also have the right to terminate them. But once your domain is expired, anyone in the world is able to buy over your property.

Not for me. But if you searched around in this forum, you will see some people who asked this question or has done the transfer. If you are not sure what to do, you can refer to the article in DreamHost Wiki.

I think your resource limits refer to bandwidth and server space. If so, yes. DH gives us 500GB space and 5TB bandwidth now. But remember, we are on a shared server. You may need to know how to nice to our neighbours.

Recently DH starts private server. If you are serious with CPU and RAM resources, you can take a look at it.

I don’t feel confident to give comments for the first two questions. You may want to hear from others or contact DH support directly.


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I don’t recall this ever coming up here on the forums. If you’ve done a search here and on the wiki and come up blank, I suggest contacting pre-sales support at http://dreamhost.com/contact.cgi.

Yes, I know people who have used their free registrations to do transfers. Dreamhost doesn’t charge a transfer fee, but has a one year mandatory registration renewal for transfers.

You are the legal user of the domain, with the right to transfer the domain free of charge to the registrar of your choice. Dreamhost is your designated registrar. This is commonly referred to as owning the domain name.

I’ve only transferred domains out and not in, but we have not heard of any incidents of people having problems transferring their domains out, even when their hosting account has been terminated for ToS violations.

I think Dreamhost’s stance is the same as it’s always been: you are fine as long as you are abiding by the Terms of Service and as long as you’re not negatively impacting the ability of the server to serve other customers. There is a process killler that will kill long-running processes and there is a memory limit. There’s also a (reasonable) limit on the number of open connections. Dreamhost is depending on the fact that there are very few use cases for using your resources to the limit without killing the server, but if you do need those resources and your websites can be served well in a shared hosting environment, then go to it! There are just a microscopic number of legal and useful ways of using up your quotas.

Hey, we’re glad to be able to help you. If you have any additional questions, please ask them. If you find answers to the questions that we haven’t been able to provide, please share them with us too!

BTW, you’ll easily be able to find any promo code you’re looking for by looking in the sigs of the posters here.

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