A few questions before I buy

I was thinking about buying the crazy domain insane package, but before I buy I would like to know the answers to the following questions:

  1. Are there file size limits, if so what?
  2. Are there file type limits, if so what?
  3. What will be the percent uptime of my site?
  4. What is the connection speed/download speed?



  1. I don’t think so.
  2. No, there aren’t
  3. My stats show me an uptime of 99.470% since Mai, 21. I’d say that’s pretty normal, thinking of updates that are done and so on.
  4. Connection speed fast. Only sometimes the FTP Upload is a bit slowly, but hey, I got DSL 2+, so it’s already difficult to download at full speed.


The limit will be 20GB, or whatever the storage allocation is for the plan you choose. There is a ~7MB filesize limit if you use the DreamHost WebFTP to upload, but this limit is caused by the default DreamHost PHP installation. The limit does not exist if you use a ‘real’ FTP client.

None that I am aware of.

This will depend on the particular server you end up on. My server (‘Bixel’) has been very good, I have only noticed a few (very) short periods of downtime in the last few months. However, some of the other DreamHost servers do not seem to be as reliable. To be fair, DreamHost seems to be very good at eliminating causes of instability as they become aware of them.

There was a (very) recent thread about this, see the following link…



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The others have pretty much answered this, but I’d just expand by reading the TOS and make sure that you stick to that. You can certainly upload a file that ends with an extension like .mp3, but copyright laws and all of that neat stuff still apply.

I’m also assuming you just mean file types for storing on, or downloading from, your server. If you’re also referring to things you want to install, you might want to skim through the TOS for things like IRC, bit torrent, etc…

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