A few questions about Remixer

I’ve been playing around with Remixer and I like it for a simple business site which I’m putting together. A few questions though -

Is there any way to integrate wordpress into it? I want to have a blog that I regularly update and I don’t think putting it directly into Remixer would work well. Other than create a subdomain and set up a blog with wordpress and link it to/from my remixer page is there anything else I can do?

Any tips for SEO that might be unique to a remixer site?

I have a few pages on the site I’m creating, and I want to have the same menu header and footer on each page. It seems I need to recreate it on each page, is there a way to have the same header and footer on each page other than manually adding it?


Hi tufflaw,

I don’t think there are plans to integrate WordPress in Remixer. WordPress already has a way to build pages and it serves as a blog, so if a customer needs WordPress, they won’t need Remixer. If you need a blog, all you need is a WordPress theme that will make you build a good-looking home page. You can code the page yourself or find a nice plugin that will work basically as Remixer. If you google things like ‘wordpress theme visual builder home page’ you’ll find some suggestions.

Regarding your other questions, SEO principles are the same for a Remixer site or other. And for sharing the same header/footer on a Remixer site I’m not sure it can be done. I’m not a Remixer expert, though… maybe someone on the forum knows more about this.

Thanks for the suggestions, that makes sense. I’m creating a business site with remixer but wanted to incorporate a blog, so maybe WP is the way to go.