A few issues


I signed up for the two week trial and I have a few issues. I am migrating my data and domains from another host. I followed the instructions to setup the domains to point to DH. I then uploaded my data and after awhile I was able to access the site. I have to disable the page caching (the one with the red beta) as it made the site redirect endlessly. www.name.com>name.com>www.name.com> and so on. I created two email accounts not using the gmail. Now I am unsure if I am just not being patient or not but, I have the following issues:

  1. Cannot access webmail.badgerstatecomputer.com and mailboxes.badgerstatecomputer.com. I just get sent to my search page.
  2. The link for the phpmyadmin is flakey. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. I.E. right now as of posting I am given a 404 error.

I set up the account 3/27/13. The domain in question is badgerstatecomputer.com

I am holding off on migrating the rest of the data and domains over until I don’t have any issues.


Probably just DNS propagation timing. The URLs appear to be working now.